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B*E*S*T is a group of volunteer engineers and teachers who are promoting science, math, and life skills for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students (who think they're just having fun building things!).

Our primary activity is supporting teams of students who build their own electric car. Small groups in each class start out by building small electric cars, about 10 inches long, using toy motors and AA batteries. This gives students some experience of what things to consider in building a car, and some practical knowledge of how electric cars work. Finally the whole class works as a team to build a go-cart sized electric car, big enough to ride.

B*E*S*T provides a few key parts (motors and batteries) but the students scrounge for the rest. This leads to some very creative designs and lots of learning by doing. The cars are both designed and built by the students.

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2011-2012 Activities ...

  • May 18 8am to 1pm Race Day 2013
    We had a great day of racing and fun!
    Race Day Results

  • Anytime - (see their site for scheduled hours) - The Works
    The Works is a "hands-on, minds-on" museum that makes learning about engineering, science and technology interesting, understandable and fun. Bring your family and enjoy unique exhibits that are designed to delight visitors ages 5 to 12, demystify technology and inspire interest in the way things work.

  • Anytime - (see their site for scheduled hours) - The Bakken
    The Bakken library and museum is a center for learning that furthers the understanding and applications of electricity and magnetism in the life sciences and medicine.

Click here to see an animation of this circuit. What does it do?

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We meet about once per month. We appreciate donations. We want to answer your questions.

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